Holy, Holy, Holy, Is The Lord God Almighty!
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Who We Are

Bruce & Mona Masai are called into Holy Spirit's Ministry to reach specifically but not limited to Asian Americans (AA), sharing Holy Spirit's empowerment to people wanting more than simple Christian lifestyle. Anointed by Holy Spirit through impartation and laying of hands by Cindy Jacobs, James Goll, Bishop Bill Hamon, Bill Johnson, Graham Cooke, Rolland & Heidi Baker, Randy Clark, Georgian & Winnie Banov, Che & Sue Ahn and Dr. Mark Chironna. Bruce & Mona are anointed members of The Dove Company (third group) by Apostolic Prophet James Maloney and healing anointing by Holy Spirit and affirmed by the laying of hands by Rev. Kenneth W Hagin.

Bruce & Mona receives New Revelations from Holy Spirit directly, affirmed by Holy Scriptures and through anointed messages from teaching by various means and media including through GOD TV, Daystar, The Church Channel and TBN, The Elijah List, messages/writings from Pastor Keith Moore, Joyce Meyer, Aiko Hormann, Winkie Pratney, Sid Roth, Rev. Kong & Sun Hee, John & Lisa Bevere, Lou Engle, Rev. Benny Hinn, Pastor Benny Perez, Rev. Joseph Prince, Beth Moore, Rev. Jesse Duplantis, Rev. Creflo Dollar, Pastors John & Carol Arnott, Kenneth & Gloria Copeland, Kenneth Jr & Lynette Hagin, Brian & Bobby Houston, Joel & Victoria Osteen and other Spirit-led ministers and ministries. Holy Spirit also uses departed saint’s writings of George Fox, Marie Woodworth-Etter, William Seymour, William Branham, A. A. Allen, Billy Sunday, Kenneth E Hagin, Oral Roberts, John Wimber, Katheryn Kuhlman, Amie McPherson, Frances Metcalfe and many other past revivalists and healers.

Bruce & Mona are members of Catalyst Christian Community (CCC) in Long Beach, CA, and attend there when in California. CCC Pastor Barry Deguchi and the leadership staff has commissioned them to minister in Texas as Holy Spirit so leads them for about two years. Bruce & Mona facilitates NewEden Mini-Church in Torrance, California (which is in hiatus until their return from Texas). They lead and encourage the Spirit-led life, allowing the Gifts of the Spirit to be exercised in a free and safe environment. Worship by anointed musicians who usher in Father’s Glory Presence into our midst through praise and worship. Anointed teaching in Spirit-led flow, engaging discussions, to all who desire a dynamic Spirit-led Life.

In 2012, Holy Spirit impressed on Mona and Brittany to join the CCC missions effort to go to Japan with the Christian Relief agency CRASH, to bring comfort and aid to the survivors of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami calamity affecting the northwestern coastal areas of Japan. Timing had it that Bruce, Mona, and Brittany would go a week later than the CCC gathered team. Holy Spirit led two other missions trips, in 2013 and 2015, to build relationships with the relief teams, survivors in temporary government housing, and the local church leaders under the GoldenFire Ministries fund-raised effort. Though the years have gone by, there is still great work to be done in the stricken areas and within Japan itself. GFM is poised to return to Japan for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, bringing the Ministry of Holy Spirit into the midst of an international event on Japan's soil!

While in Texas, Bruce, Mona, Brittany and Elijah are lead by Holy Spirit to attend various churches that includes Watermark Church, The Upper Room (Dallas), Elevate Life Church (Frisco), Glory of Zion (Chuck and Keith Pierce in Corinth), and Revolution Church (McKinney), and hope to visit Lakewood Church, Christ for the Nations, IHOP KC and other places lead and anointed by Holy Spirit.

Under Holy Spirit's call and direction, Bruce & Mona jointly attended Vanguard University of Southern California, Costa Mesa, earning their BA in Religious Studies, focused on ministry and church leadership.