2015: Mona with our beloved Senmaya Sisters, Akane, Akiko, and Keiko. 

Fall 2013: Britt, Mona & Bruce visit Tokyo Disney during its 30th year anniversary. This was a Holy Spirit provided "R&R" time after spending two weeks of relationship building with 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami relief teams and visiting the survivors in their temporary government housing that we met in 2012.
Holy, Holy, Holy, Is The Lord God Almighty!
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June 9, 2012: Mona & Bruce at William J. Seymour's grave site at Evergreen Cemetery, Los Angeles, California. Holy Spirit poured over us the same anointing measure Rev. Seymour was given for his ministry! Hallelujah!!!

Fall 2013: Brittany, Bruce & Mona, sitting lakeside, surrounded by the fiery golden leaf Aspens, symbolic of Angelic protection and Heavenly Kingdom blessings!
Summer 2014: Mona, Bruce, Britt and Keala, participating in the Tanaka Farms fundraising event in Irvine, California, to aid the farmers in the northeastern Japan whose farm land was ruined and contaminated by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami flooding calamity.

October 2017: Mona in front of Toyota's newly moved and built USA national headquarters in Plano, TX. Mona & Bruce are now residents of Texas.
May 2018: Mona & Bruce graduated from Vanguard University with the diploma ceremony at Mariners Church, Irvine. Britt and Elijah (centered) and sister Julie (Jewels) Vogt (who took this photo) attended.